Corporate Sales and Service

Crown Computers Inc is a Sales and Service based company that works primarily with corporate and/or business related clients. Our sytems are built to serve the business industry as opposed to the home based user. We provide full customer support as well as a Preventive Maintenance program that is designed to insure smooth and uninturruped computing.

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Cutting Edge Technology

At Crown Computers Inc we pride ourselves in offering our customers only the highest end systems based on the Newest Technology in the computing world. Check our Specials Section.

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Full Offsite Data Backups

Crown Computers Inc offers full data backups on it's FTP servers. It is of the utmost importance to have your data backed up and off site in the case of hardware failure or other disasters that may occur. Having your data backed up and in an off site location can insure restoration of Client Data Bases and Personal Data without Corruption.

This is a service that Crown Computers Inc provides in order to give our clients the utmost in protection and a piece of mind that their data is safe and secure.

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The World of Protractor

If you own or manage a service business such as an auto repair shop or tire store, you'll find Protractor Software and Services a perfect fit for your company.

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